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The Black Wall - Black Walnut Brick with Maple end grain cutting board

  • $99.99 USD

The Black Wall is a brick style 100% end grain cutting board made of black walnut and maple is square. Made by myself in my shop, I sand the product down to a 220 grit and then finished it with Watco Butcher Block Finish, designed to be used on cutting boards and is completely food safe. I put at least 3 coats of finish on my cutting boards before sending out the cutting board. We give you instructions on how to care for your cutting board. We really care that you love the cutting board. Often these beautiful cutting boards are used as counter top accents in a kitchen.

Available in variety of sizes. Sizes are approximant. The style of the cutting board or chopping block that you are purchasing is unique to you, wood patterns vary therefore the look of your board will have the style below with a different wood grain pattern.


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